Posted by: Lady Optimistic | September 5, 2012

In Which I Wield My Power

We went out for dinner.  I had put in a full day at work.  After work I ran home to get Tinker Bell and Iron Man to take them to their Wednesday activities; involving water, then grass (Surf and Turf Wednesday as I like to call it!)  While the kids were on the turf, I ran to get Zeus so that I could take him back to the turf – that way he would know where the turf is in case there comes a day when I am prevented from running…

Funny thing about Zeus.  He’s a pretty bright guy, but he’s hopeless with directions.  He grew up in Karachi, Pakistan.  Karachi is a big city.  A very big city.  To put it in perspective, Karachi is roughly 3 times the physical area of NYC and the population is more than double.  The population densities are almost the same, so Karachi and NYC are comparable I would say.  But the interesting thing about Karachi is that there aren’t descent street maps of Karachi.  Either you know where you are going, or you find someone who knows where you want to go and have them accompany you to your destination.

But I digress…

We went out to dinner because I had done so much running around and it was getting late and I didn’t want to run around my kitchen to get a meal on the table.  So crisscross-palm-tree-restaurant was where the running stopped.  It was cold in there.  Its usually cold in there.  Iron Man was cold, too, but I could not get him to agree that we should take our burgers home to eat.  It was just too cold for me.  But Iron Man insisted we stay.  So I went up to the counter and mentioned that the dinning room was really cold.  The next thing I know there was a young man walking to all the thermostats in the dinning room, using his key to adjust the thermostat.  Immediately the room became comfortable.  It was almost instantaneous.  I was thrilled.

I felt powerful.  And I really, really enjoyed my burger and fries.


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