Posted by: Lady Optimistic | September 4, 2012

And They’re Off!

School has started.  The new backpacks were packed, the new lunch boxes filled to overflowing for their maiden voyage, new, undented water bottles tucked into the side pockets.  7:58AM we were out the door for our 5 minute drive to school.  (We drive because I go directly from school drop off to work, so it saves me at least half an hour to have the car).  There were lots of new faces and the air was charged with excitement.  As we walked in our school principal and her staff were cheering each child’s arrival.  I love our little school.

I kissed Iron Man before departing, and for the first time he looked embarrassed.  I asked him if I was embarrassing him and he nodded shyly that yes, I was embarrassing him.  He’s really growing up.  He’s a first grader in his Kinder-First combined class, so he’s an upper classman who knows the ropes.  He has a lot of responsibility this year.

And Tinker Bell, she was over the moon excited.  A friend from 2 years ago has returned to our little community and Tink couldn’t get enough!  Like her brother, as a third grader she’s an upper classman in her combined second and third grade class, and has many responsibilities to help the new second graders settle in to a new routine with a new teacher.  Tink was a great teacher’s helper last year and I expect she’ll carry on in that role.
I like routine.  Its going to be a great year.  And I am grateful.


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