Posted by: Lady Optimistic | September 6, 2012

Confession Time

Hi.  My name is Lady.  I am spelling challenged.

I like to think I am a reasonably educated person.  I put myself through college while working full time.  It took years.  And I started a little late, but I think I brought a maturity to my studies that helped me better choose my courses and appreciate the learning – rather than slogging through and having no idea what I was really trying to achieve by the endeavor.


I can’t spell.  I really can’t.  As early as second grade it was clear that my ability to spell didn’t exist.  At all.  To this day  I am unsure about even the simplest of words.  That is why in my previous post I linked to the definition of crisscross – I had looked it up to figure out how you actually spell that word.  It just didn’t seem right.  With me, even if it doesn’t seem right, I need to double-check, because I have no instinct whatsoever for spelling (and yes, I just double checked whatsoever… UGH!)

I must give a shout out to Google about spelling.  It’s even better than editing spell checkers.  I just type in my best guess and if I have spelled the word wrong it suggests the correct spelling and it then gives me links to the word’s definition.  How did I ever survive before Google?!

Actually, I accepted my spelling deficiency long ago, and before the days of wireless internet in the palm of my hand, I used a dictionary.  I treasure my well-worn dictionary.  It has saved me from humiliation more times even than Google 🙂


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