Posted by: Lady Optimistic | November 29, 2016

What a year it has been

My life has changed so entirely. And completely. Not just my life, but all our lives. And the transformation isn’t complete. But, of course, a rich life is a life in constant transformation anyway, so…

The fact that I am transforming is, in itself, my first step. As I realized when I got a new job back in March, I didn’t even know how miserable I was until I had something to compare it to.

Last year’s holidays and our epic trip to Pakistan for a family wedding consumed my first 3 months of sudden, and unexpected unemployment. We had a beautiful time in my adopted country and the wedding was lovely. The bride is definitely a long lost member of our tribe come home at last!

Follow that with about 6 weeks of major illness and that was the first 6 months of unemployment. Scary and stagnant.

But, as soon as I felt better, I found a job. And I loved that job. And through that job my eyes opened to how rewarding working can be when you are appreciated, doing something you are good at with people who are equally as dedicated. And most of all, working with people who are happy and excited about their work, void of politics and bureaucracy. It was beautiful.


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