Posted by: Lady Optimistic | December 23, 2014


Spelling ability notwithstanding, I must write. I have no training. I grew up speaking English. I did well in English class. By the end of my freshman year of high school my biology teacher, Sr. Dominica, declared that I had finally learned to write an essay. So, going off that, I write. I correct other peoples’ writing, and I dream of being an editor.

Anyway. 2015 has but one resolution. I must write. I listen to music that takes my mind to so many wonderful places, I have every confidence that I can write about them. And I think these thoughts may even be interesting to a handful of others.

In August of 2013 I read about the idea that the Olympics are in four years (2016 – it must have been something that was about a year old 🙂 ) and challenged others to ask, where do you want to be in four years. I have my goals in my notebook. I still think that those goals are where I need to head.

So, rather than this constant talk about what I want to do with respect to writing, I will write.

I will go to those places in my mind and share them and be thankful for auto-spelling correction, and just let the rest of the spelling go.

And so, here we go!


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