Posted by: Lady Optimistic | December 17, 2014

It Should Have been the Honolulu Zoo

I totally forgot to post quite some time back.  But I am back.

So the Zoo.  In a word:  Fabulous!

The zoo is a beautiful place.  Its just the right size.  The gardens are amazing.  The animals are charming and their enclosures don’t make you want to weep and cut through their bars…  The people are pleasant.

Going to the zoo was, perhaps, the highlight of my time with my children.  Zeus was conferencing, so we went without him.  It was threatening rain, and we were sprinkled on once, but that didn’t slow us down.

We took the bus to the zoo.  It only took about 20 minutes.  They have a lovely park area in front of the zoo, which is across the street from a gorgeous beach.  The park is home to huge banyan trees.  They must be ancient.  The kids climbed and swung from the branches like little monkeys.  It was fun!

There is a statue of Gandhi in the park.

I took a photo of the kids with Gandhi.  The history of India, and its independence is very much relevant to Pakistanis.  But that is another post 🙂

We enjoyed the park for quite some time.  Then we went in to the Zoo.  $26 for all three of us.

Of course, the gift shop is immediately to your left.  Go to the gift shop.  Their stuff is cool.  Its not cheap, but its different and good.  I would easily have spent $200, but…  We went to the gift shop as we were leaving.  I found a lovely gift for my BFF.  I let the kids choose something each.

Hey, that was a great thing, too.  I made a deal with them that if they did the Sherpa work, I would buy then something.  This was the first visit anywhere with my children ever that I was not, at any moment, the Sherpa.  It was lovely.  No strollers, no kid strapped to my body, do diapers, changes of clothes, umbrellas, cameras, rain ponchos, all hanging from various parts of my body.  It was a joy to just walk around.  But I digress…

We had a map and planned out our attack so that we would see everything.  Regrettably, the reptile house was closed for renovations.  No reptiles.  I was not crushed 🙂

They have lots of tortoises.  Of every size from pocket sized to boulder sized.  They were so awesome.  The mid-size ones were running around in their enclose and they were fun to watch.  The huge ones were kind of slow, but they are actually moving about, too.

I loved the zoo.  I took tons of snaps of the kids, and I will use one on our New Year’s card.  If there’s a place in Honolulu that I would go to again, it would be the zoo.  Maybe they could build me a cage and keep me there.

On that last note, I believe its time to hit publish and move on.






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