Posted by: Lady Optimistic | September 10, 2012

The Juices Are Flowing

There are days, or maybe just times on some days, when I can feel the creativity flowing.  My whole body tingles and I can barely keep up with my thoughts.  My fingers move fast and ideas come at me from every angle.  This tends to overwhelm me.  I have so many things I must do each day that there’s no time to run through these massive fields of creativity.  But I have decided today, as my fingers twitch with the excitement of my creative inspirations that I have no choice but to give in to the rush.  If I don’t, I’ll be stuck here, forever, slogging through the mundane work that must be done.  Furthermore, if I run free and explore, maybe I won’t have to hang out in the paddock of the mundane anymore.  Maybe everyday could be a day spent in the fields, reaping my creativity.

I don’t think I’ve ever done a farm analogy before.  I’m a city girl  🙂  Usually I use food analogies… must be all that creativity…

Somewhere there must be a balance.  I need that balance.  I crave it.  I know its within my grasp.  I just need to tighten my fingers around it.

I find that with each small, creative thing I do, that another small creative thing comes to me.  Creativity feeds creativity.  And the mundane should be what is set aside for times when there’s nothing else to do.

That’s it.  My life is backwards.  And the priorities of what I work at are backwards.

Fuel the creativity.


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