Posted by: Lady Optimistic | September 9, 2012

Tote Bags and Warm Hearts

Over the summer Tinker Bell and Iron Man went back to the same camp they were at the summer before.  They love it there.  They are able to enjoy activities including water slides, sewing, Xbox and performing arts.  Tink did a fair amount of sewing the first year and this summer Miss Maureen returned to the sewing studio and Tink dove right in.  Miss Maureen is the sewing and crafting entrepreneur behind Fox & Gull and she advertised classes outside of camp.  Tink and I went for class today.   Miss Maureen taught us how to make tote bags.

We had an absolute blast!  Maureen did a great job teaching us – she’s very professional and organized.  She’s also absolutely delightful!  It really was a very special afternoon.  I’d never seen Tink in action sewing with a sewing machine.  Turns out the girl has some serious skills!  She works beautifully with the machine.  Maureen taught her that.  I will never be able to thank Maureen enough for that gift.  By the time we completed our tote bag projects I was beaming with joy.  Not only had I actually made something with my own hands, but I had learned something so special about my sweet, talkative daughter.  She has a real talent for sewing (and knitting, too, actually) and I hope to foster her interest in these and other crafts.

My maternal grandmother loved crafts.  And she would have loved knowing that Tink will most assuredly follow in her footsteps.  I am still smiling, feeling so connected between the generations.

Indeed, it was a lovely afternoon that has left my heart joyful.


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