Posted by: Lady Optimistic | November 20, 2014

Two Days in a Row

How about that?!?!?

For some reason I am just not bouncing back.  Vacation was absolute bliss, as I said yesterday.  In fact, I guess I need a new category or tag… Bliss…  I am immediately exhausted.  I am happy, but exhausted.  I just can’t quite get going.  Proof of this is that I still haven’t so much as gathered together the laundry, let alone approached the laundry room with so much as a good intention…  This is not me.  I am the goddess, no The Goddess of laundry.  I do laundry every day.  I squeeze it in no matter the madness.

And what do you get from me writing two days in a row…  a pathetic, whiney, poorly written paragraph about laundry…  That ought to teach you, and me!

Furthermore, if I publish another ellipsis, I will also publish my home address so that you can come to my house in the middle of the night and slay me while I am sleeping.  After all, if I can’t commit to some actual, definitive punctuation, that is what I deserve!

I have been so late for work, I might as well not even bother coming in, but to my credit, I have arrived each day for a bit.  I sure hope the boss doesn’t catch on before I catch up  🙂  (That smiley is real punctuation!)

Enough whining.

Tomorrow is N0-Whining-Friday (actually its Haiku Friday, but I may or may not have the juices for that.  We will see!) so I will start with Diamond Head.  Or maybe just my overall opinion of Honolulu, Waikiki and the Island of Oahu.  Actually, as I think about it, I’ll do the opinion piece last (ellipsis temptation again, but I won’t, I just won’t!) as I think the opinion will be better formed and expressed once I have written about the individual experiences.

I loved my vacation.  I spent all my time with my kids – who absolutely rock.  Some day they will be grown and I will be alone and I will miss them dreadfully.  They are so much fun to hang out with.  This vacation especially was just so great with the hanging out and just talking.  Especially at the Honolulu Zoo.  That day with them was absolute magic.


Tomorrow’s post:  Diamond Head, or The Woman who Climbed Up a Crater But Came Down a Mommy

Monday:  Absolute Magic – The Honolulu Zoo

Tuesday:  Holding Back the Tears – Pearl Harbor – The Arizona Memorial

Wednesday:  Driving  Mr Zeus (and family) – The North Shore and Windward Side of Oahu

Thursday:  Summary Thoughts (Gotta get a more catchy title for this bit, huh!?)


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