Posted by: Lady Optimistic | May 28, 2014

Permission to Start Again

I had big dreams of posting every single day.  Every. Single. Day.  See how that worked out…  But I am back to try again, to post something most of the time, or quite often.

So I checked in with my BFF, and we visited a friend whom I adore.  Her mom died over the weekend.  I need to spend more time with R.  She is such a great soul.  We’ve decided to start a book club.  I setup the whole Good Reads thing.  Lets see if we can get this off the ground.

I think about writing all the time.  I am obsessive about it.  I hear things, or people say stuff, and I just think, there – that is a beginning.  But then I worry about the end and the middle.  I think maybe if I just try, the end and the middle will find me – maybe I am over-thinking things to feel that I must have all the stuff ready before I start.

I cook.  A lot.  I love to cook.  And for that I make sure I have all my ingredients, then I begin.  But cooking and writing may not be the same process.  Maybe writing is more like vegetable soup, get going on it, and then keep adding to it as it simmers and becomes something…  Run out to the store for something your forgot, while its still working away… more of a parallel process, than a serial process – to use a computer networking analogy.

At least, for me, that may be it.

So, I give myself permission to start again.


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