Posted by: Lady Optimistic | September 1, 2012

Ballet Blues… Pinks and Tutus

Raising children can be challenging at times.  🙂

Yesterday was one of those days, where, after a brief 2 days of relief, believing I had figured out everything and had secured my hold on the world’s tail, I was flung into chaos by the words of a one sentence post to Tinker Bell’s ballet school blog…

“We have simplified the school schedule and revised the application form…  please click here…”

My heart stopped, my mouth went dry, my shoulders squared and I clicked the link.

Life was supposed to be perfect… soccer on Saturday mornings, ballet after lunch.  We could do it all.  But no, that would make me look too perfect I suppose.  Now ballet is from 10:30 to noon – or something like that.  Allowing for time to race across town, to the ballet studio in another town means that the entire morning is gone…  Soccer games would have to be at 8 or 8:30AM to actually make this whole mess work.  And that won’t happen every week.

Alas, such is the life of a family that compensates for two full-time working parents by enrolling the children in every imaginable activity from Ballet to Karate, from surf to turf,  from sanity to insanity; to infinity and beyond…

I read an article about this kind of over-compensating, but now I can’t find the link…  sorry.  Actually, now that I think about it, it may have been in a magazine I  looked through at the doctor’s office…  Imagine that…  Print!  I digress…

Anyway, yesterday was another day in chaos for the family scheduler.  I’ll work it out, though.  Somehow.  Its a new opportunity to re-examine our activities and attempt to change them up.  Its all in the attitude.

Without chaos, where would the excitement be?  Where’s the challenge?  Where’s the beef?!?!?

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


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